Pet Insurance

1st August 2023

It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. Taking out pet insurance whilst your pet is fit and well should give you peace of mind that you will not need to worry about money if your pet falls ill. 

Consider a “lifetime” policy

Lifetime policies mean that if an insured pet develops a medical condition, the insurance company will continue to fund this condition for the rest of the pet’s life (within the policy terms and conditions). 

Time-limited policies are generally cheaper to buy, but mean that illnesses are only covered by the insurance company for 12 months after the first date that they occur. After this period, the insurance company will not pay for any treatment relating to this illness. 

Check the annual veterinary fee cover

Pet insurance policies vary in the amount of money that they will pay out if your pet is ill. It is best to purchase the highest amount of cover that you can afford (the most comprehensive policies cover around £10 000 of veterinary fees per year). Some of the most common insurance claims are for:

  • Damaged cruciate ligaments in dogs (can cost £4,900 per leg, both legs can be affected) 
  • Bladder obstruction in cats (can cost £2,700 to stabilise and correct each episode, reoccurrence is common).
  • Road traffic accidents (costs can reach many thousands of pounds if there are multiple broken bones or internal injuries).

Check the terms and conditions

Nearly all insurance companies will charge an excess – this is the amount of money that the owner is expected to pay towards the vet fees themselves. Many policies charge a fixed excess of around £100, but some policies also charge owners a percentage of the total bill.


Not all policies are equal – read the terms and conditions carefully!

Ask for recommendations from friends who have had to claim for their pets in the past.

Be aware that if you move from one insurance policy to another, any conditions that your pet has had in the past will not be covered on the new policy.

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