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Standard consultation £60.50

Repeat consultation £56.98

Urgent consultation (within opening hours but outside of routine appointment slots) £77.59

Out of hours consultation before 11pm £215.71

Out of hours consultation after 11pm your calls will be transferred to the Royal Vet College emergency veterinary service at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, where an out of hours consultation costs £180


A standard Initial vaccine for dogs/puppies includes a full health check by a vet and a course of vaccines which includes hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus and 4 strains of Leptospira at £117.52

Standard subsequent yearly vaccine for dogs, also called a booster, is £68.07

If you choose to have the kennel cough vaccine at the same time as the other vaccines then there is an additional charge of £32.88, otherwise, the fee is £60.50 which includes the health check by the vet.

A standard initial vaccine for cats/kittens includes a full health check by a vet and a course of vaccines which includes herpes, calicivirus, panleukopenia and feline leukaemia virus at £117.23

Standard subsequent yearly vaccine for cats is £83.35

Standard rabbit vaccines appointments include a full health check by the vet and vaccinations against rabbit haemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis at a cost of £121.76


Castration means the removal of both testicles which is performed under general anaesthetic.

Rabbits £193

Cats £129

Dogs* <12.5kg £247

Dogs* 12.6-25kg £284

Dogs* 25.1-50kg £327

Dogs* 50.1> £364

Spaying means the removal of the ovaries and womb which is performed under general anaesthetic.

Rabbit 2-6kg £236

Cats £172

Dog* <12.5kg £375-

Dog* 12.6-25kg £430

Dog* 25.1-50kg £498

Dog* 50.1> £557

*There is an additional fee of £75 for certain brachycephalic breeds which require additional treatment and monitoring.

We also offer keyhole surgery for dogs for an additional fee of £305

Other Fees

Written prescription fee £23.50

Euthanasia during opening hours of cats and dogs in a standard consult are £127.88, rabbits £91.26 (not including cremation options)

Direct insurance claims are discussed with the vet before any treatment and services are provided. For this type of claims we ask for copies of the insurance policy, and payments of the policy excess and an admin fee of £37

Microchipping £26.75

We ask that all fees are paid for at the time of consultation and all operations are paid for at the time of collection.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, we do not accept American Express.  We regret that since the cheque guarantee scheme has closed, we are no longer able to accept cheques.  We can take payment over the phone with a debit or credit card, or you can use our online payment portal.

Please be reminded that payment is required at the time of treatment.

If your account is left outstanding without prior arrangement with the Practice Manager, an administration fee of 20% of the total will be added to your invoice.

Failure to settle outstanding accounts within a reasonable time will result in referral to a debt collection agency and legal proceedings which will result in a County Court summons. 

Charity vouchers from Cats Protection or RSPCA can help towards the cost of neutering or large bills. This help is completely discretionary and up to the charity, not Acorn House.

Reception can provide charity telephone contacts for you.

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