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Welcome to our blog page where we will add new articles to keep you up to date with the latest practice news.

Flystrike In Rabbits

1st March 2024

What is flystrike? Flystrike describes a condition in which flies lay their eggs on the skin and fur of rabbits, close to the bottom. Maggots hatch out of the eggs and burrow beneath the skin, making the rabbit seriously ill. What damage does flystrike cause? The maggots eat away the skin of the…Read more

Keyhole Surgery At Acorn House

1st February 2024

Acorn House Veterinary Hospital is able to offer keyhole surgery as an alternative to traditional, open surgery. This type of surgery is most commonly used for spaying bitches but can also be used for removing undescended testicles, and taking liver biopsies. What happens in a keyhole spay? Dogs having a keyhole spay…Read more

Infectious Diseases In Imported Dogs

1st January 2024

There are some diseases that we see in dogs arriving into the UK from other countries that are not seen in the UK otherwise. These diseases can cause illness in the dogs themselves, and sometimes there is a risk of the infection spreading to humans and other dogs that have…Read more

The Use Of Technology In Veterinary Practice

1st December 2023

One of the nice things about a traditional, local, veterinary practice is that it provides a very personal and hands-on service. However, the COVID pandemic has accelerated the development of technology which can assist with social distancing, improve client convenience and reduce pet stress. Online booking If your pet requires urgent attention,…Read more

Raisin Toxicity In Dogs

1st November 2023

Raisin toxicity is common at Christmas time because raisins are a major ingredient in many traditional Christmas foods. What are the symptoms of raisin toxicity in dogs? Raisin ingestion tends to cause vomiting or diarrhoea which may contain blood.  In more severe cases, dogs may develop kidney failure. Symptoms include mouth ulcers, lack…Read more

Lost And Found – When Pets Go Missing

1st October 2023

It is very distressing to have a pet go missing. If your pet has gone missing try not to panic and instead take the following steps to help your pet find his way back home. Try the obvious steps first – check your pet’s favourite hiding places, call and rattle food…Read more

Are Tennis Balls Bad For Dogs?

1st September 2023

Many dogs love to carry or chase a ball, but there are some potential problems to be aware of. Dental health When tennis balls are used in gritty or sandy environments, the grit particles become trapped in the outer layer of the ball and cause it to become very abrasive to the…Read more

Pet Insurance

1st August 2023

It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. Taking out pet insurance whilst your pet is fit and well should give you peace of mind that you will not need to worry about money if your pet falls ill.  Consider a “lifetime” policy Lifetime policies…Read more

Itchy Dogs!

1st July 2023

Itchy skin conditions tend to be more common in the summer months. Affected dogs tend to scratch and lick so much that they cause further skin damage and the problem quickly gets worse.  What might cause a pet to feel itchy? Fleas Fleas are the number one cause of itchiness in dogs. Some…Read more

Socialising Puppies And Kittens

1st June 2023

Socialisation describes puppies and kittens having pleasant encounters with different people, animals and situations, so that they learn to react appropriately to these things in the future. Puppies and kittens with poor early life experiences are likely to grow into fearful adult dogs and cats, with an increased risk of…Read more

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet

1st May 2023

Sometimes pets can suffer from untreatable pain or illness, and owners need to think about euthanasia (having a pet “put to sleep”). This is a very difficult decision to make but taking responsibility for a peaceful, pain-free death is often the kindest choice an owner can make at the end…Read more

Keeping A Pet Rabbit

1st April 2023

Take the following steps to make sure that your pet is safe and healthy this festive season. Rabbits can make great pets but they do require a lot of time and attention to stay happy and healthy. Here is a summary of the essential care your pet rabbit should receive. Company Rabbits are…Read more

Veterinary Care Over The Christmas Period

1st March 2023

Take the following steps to make sure that your pet is safe and healthy this festive season. Avoid festive hazards Around Christmas, dogs often help themselves to Christmas treats, resulting in upset tummies, intestinal obstructions and chocolate poisoning. Take care to hide anything tempting – including those boxes of chocolates wrapped up…Read more

Does Your Pet Need To Lose Weight?

1st February 2023

Many people decide to start the new year with a resolution to lose weight and get fit. Our pets might also benefit from making a healthy start to the year. How can I find out what my pet weighs? It is best to take your pet to the veterinary surgery for a…Read more

Getting Ready for Fireworks

1st January 2023

As the firework season approaches, we need to remember that our furry friends can find the loud noises and flashes of light very frightening. What can we do to help? Keep pets indoors Try to walk dogs before dusk and keep cats indoors after dark. Make sure both dogs and cats are…Read more

Making Health Care Decisions For Your Pet

1st December 2022

It is common for a veterinary surgeon to recommend a particular test, operation or treatment for their patient. As pet owners, we have to decide whether to go ahead with the suggested procedure. But how do we know that we are making the right decision? In human health care, there is…Read more

What is Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome?

1st November 2022

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS for short) is the name given to a set of breathing problems that can occur in breeds of dog that have very short, “squashed” faces. Examples of these breeds are English and French Bulldogs and Pugs. Why does BOAS occur? Many dogs of these short-faced breeds have…Read more

Dry Eye

1st October 2022

What is “dry eye” in dogs? “Dry eye” occurs when the body does not produce enough tears to keep the surface of the eye healthy. Dry eye can affect any dog but it is most often seen in Cavalier and Cocker Spaniels, Bulldogs, Pugs, West Highland White Terriers, and Yorkshire Terriers.  Why…Read more


1st September 2022

Many dogs love to chase, chew and carry sticks but did you know that sticks can be dangerous for your dog? Pepper came to see us last month after picking up a stick whilst out on a walk. Pepper now seemed uncomfortable around her neck area. Pepper was given a general anaesthetic…Read more

Baby Birds- What Should We Do?

1st August 2022

Little Tweet is a baby sparrow that was brought into the surgery. At this time of year it is common to find young birds apparently alone on the ground. [More] …Read more

New Tick-Borne Disease In The UK – What Do We Need To Know?

1st July 2022

What are ticks? Ticks have always been a problem in the UK. They are spider-like creatures that feed on the blood of animals including dogs and cats (and sometimes humans). Ticks can be found across the UK – particularly in woodland, moorland, and grazing pasture but also in parks and gardens. What…Read more

Meet Belle

1st June 2022

Meet Belle! We were delighted to have her to stay earlier this week when she came to be spayed at Acorn House Vets. Her owner kindly agreed for us to make a photo record of her day to give all of our clients a behind the scenes look at what…Read more

Gold standard cat care at Acorn House

1st May 2022

“Acorn House Veterinary Surgery is a gold standard cat-friendly practice”. That was the assessment made last week by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). The ISFM assesses the facilities and services that veterinary practices offer to their feline patients – a little bit like an Ofsted inspection. We are delighted…Read more

Benji bites off more than he can chew!

1st April 2022

“My dog has a bone stuck on his jaw!” came the emergency call last Friday night. Small fragments of fragile bones and sticks quite commonly get stuck inside the mouth but Benji had got himself into a much more unusual situation. His owners had given him a hollow bone stuffed…Read more


1st March 2022

It was during a particularly eventful family holiday to the Isle of Mann that I decided     that I would help animals for ever and become a vet. My Dad and I conducted a dramatic rescue of a seagull with fishing line wrapped around its wing as waves crashed around us…Read more

Lockdown Is Easing – What Does This Mean For Veterinary Practices?

8th March 2021

Veterinary practices have remained open throughout lockdown to provide essential veterinary services. To support the “stay at home” and social distancing messages, veterinary practices have been offering video or telephone consultations as an alternative to on-site appointments where appropriate; and have been asked to delay elective procedures where it is…Read more

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