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COVID update 29th March 2021

The national “stay at home” message has been relaxed from 29th March onwards so we have been able to ease some of the restrictions that apply to accessing veterinary care at Acorn House. Social distancing measures continue to be observed. Please read the following information carefully so that you know what to expect from Acorn House during this time.

Opening hours

Opening hours are 8am to 8pm weekdays and 8am to 4:30pm on Saturdays. Our on-site out of hours emergency service will operate as normal outside of these times.

Booking an appointment

Please call Reception during normal opening hours to make an appointment or use the online booking service via the website. All appointments must be booked in advance – please don’t just turn up!

Telephone/ video consultations are available at the same price as an on-site consultation and can be booked by calling Reception if preferred. 

Attending an appointment

Clients attending a pre-booked appointment will be greeted in the car park by a member of staff who will perform the “check in” so that there is no need to enter the building at this point. If the member of staff is temporarily unavailable, please approach the “Enquiries” portacabin in the car park or telephone the surgery from the car park to let us know that you have arrived. Please wait in the car park. Make sure that you have your phone with you as the vet will ring you to discuss your pet at the start of the appointment, avoiding face-to-face contact.

The vet will bring your pet inside the building whilst you wait outside. They will call you after the examination to discuss their findings and any treatment recommended.

After the consultation your pet will be returned to you in the car park and you will be invited to enter the Reception area to collect medication, make any future appointments, and to make payment. Reception has been adapted for social distancing (one-way system, 2m queueing markers, plastic screening, hand sanitiser). Please note that only one client per pet should enter Reception, and a face covering must be worn. If you would prefer not to enter the Reception area, please telephone the Reception desk from the car park and payment can be taken over the telephone and medication brought out to the car park instead.

Social distancing measures remain under constant review; but based on the current government “roadmap” we do not expect to have clients back in the consulting rooms until 21st June at the earliest.


Ordering medication

Repeat medication can be ordered using our click and collect service, by emailing info@acornhousevets.co.uk or by telephoning Reception. Please allow 48 hours (72 hours over a weekend) before travelling to the practice to collect this medication.

Collecting medication

Please let the staff member in the car park know that you would like to collect medication and they will direct you to the queue system inside Reception. Reception has been adapted for social distancing (one-way system, 2M queuing markers, plastic screening, hand sanitizer). Please note that only one client per pet should enter Reception, and a face covering must be worn. Medication can be collected and paid for at Reception. If you would prefer not to enter the Reception area, please telephone the Reception desk from the car park and payment can be taken over the telephone and medication brought out to the car park instead.

Clients that are self isolating

If you have COVID symptoms or have otherwise been asked to self-isolate, please do not attend the practice. Ask a friend or neighbour to bring your pet / collect medication for you, or telephone the practice to arrange a video consultation instead.

Procedures available

All procedures are available. This includes all neutering, vaccinations, and health testing in addition to accidents, illnesses and ongoing condition checks.


All puppy, kitten, rabbit and adult dog/cat vaccinations may be booked in as normal from 29th March onwards.

During the lockdown, adult cat and dog boosters were postponed by up to 3 months as this is considered to be the safe window for immunity to be maintained. If you have made a vaccination appointment for May there is no need to bring the vaccination date forward to April, but you may contact us to do so if you wish.


Cat, dog, rabbit and small pet neuterings are all available. Please call Reception to discuss and book.

Home visits

Although we are not currently offering house visits, we may be able to offer a home visit if your pet can be examined/treated in your garden. Visits must be during daylight hours (usually 11am-3:30pm) and are only suitable for dogs, not cats. The vet must be able to access the garden without entering your house. Visits are subject to availability so please give us as much notice as possible if you would like to book a visit.

Nurse clinics

Nurse clinics are available for post operative checks, 6 month health checks, nail clips, anal gland emptying and medication administration. Please book by calling Reception or using the online booking system.

Euthanasia appointments

Euthanasia appointments for dogs can take place in the practice garden. Families can remain with their pets, whilst the vet administers the injection using a drip line, facilitating social distancing. Face coverings must be worn.

In poor weather, after dark, or for cats, we can offer indoor euthanasia appointments. Clients will be required to complete a COVID questionnaire over the telephone prior to entering the consultation room, and admission is limited to ONE PERSON ONLY. A face covering must be worn by the client at all times, and the veterinary surgeon will be wearing full PPE (surgical mask, face visor, apron, and gloves).

For those clients that are self-isolating, shielding or prefer not to be present during euthanasia, we will of course be able to perform the euthanasia without the client present. We will always ensure that patients are reassured and supported by our team of vets and nurses before and during the procedure so that their passing is peaceful.

New registrations

Acorn House will be accepting new registrations (including transfers from local practices) from 29th March onwards.

Thank you

The staff at Acorn House have worked very hard to continue to provide veterinary care for their patients during the constantly-evolving COVID lockdown. We are extremely grateful to our lovely clients who have worked with us to make the various restrictions and changes work over the past few months and thank you for your continued support and understanding.








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